What Is An Expo

What Is An Expo?

July 1, 2016Event Planning Guide Standard

An expo generally refers to a large exhibition held in a particular country, with the intention of bringing in visitors from abroad who are interested in the same subject matter. An expo makes a particular location the focus of the world’s attention, highlighting the impact of global issues on a given place and highlighting the residents’ approach to those issues. Official world expos are held in different locations every few years on average, each highlighting different issues and bringing different benefits to various groups of people.

1) The global community

An expo provides a platform for people all over the world to come together and discuss issues that affect us all in a productive way. Currently the general focus of official world fairs tends to revolve around the taking care of environment and sustainable energy. This is something that affects each country in the world in a different way, and governments have different approaches to tackling it so having a place for different nations to share ideas is extremely beneficial. An expo gives each part of the world a physical space at the event where they can exhibit their ideas based around the theme, raising awareness of projects going on around the world and providing a chance for international cooperation to be kick-started.

2) The host nation

An expo being held in a country tends to bring in plenty of tourism and local business, which directly benefits economies that may not get a lot of international trade at other times. It also means attention from other world leaders will be directed toward the host country, and if all goes well it can boost the country’s image and status. By associating itself with a positive message about initiating changes across the world, a country can appeal to a wider community and position itself as a key player when it comes to relevant modern issues.

3) The individuals

The people who take part in an expo and bring it to life are at the core of what it means for both the host country and the rest of the world. People who normally feel like they have little power can be given a voice and enabled to speak on the issues that matter to them in a forum where they will be taken seriously by the global community. It can be very rewarding for participants to present their own achievements and opinions at an expo and create new international relationships. As well as people acting in their own capacity, individual businesses involved with expos can also benefit greatly from networking with potential partners and finding new audiences.