Using event planners for a product launch

Using event planners for a product launch

April 14, 2016Event Planning Guide Standard

A product launch can be an amazing opportunity to gather important people together and make sure your brand has the impact you were hoping for with your new venture. Moving into a whole new area, or even just improving on what you’ve already done successfully in the past, can be a nerve-wracking prospect and even the biggest brands aren’t guaranteed to have success with the launch of a new product. However, professionally organised events can make a massive difference and determine whether your new launch goes well or not.

All the biggest names in retail, technology and many other industries regularly host events of various scales to promote their new business ventures, but even if you’re a smaller business you can do the same. In fact, the UK is an excellent place to host your launch party. Corporate event planners are known for producing some of the most impressive events in the world for brands looking to market their new ranges.

Of course, there are many considerations you and your event planners will need to take into account when setting up your event. A major launch can be tricky to judge because most markets are very sensitive to change. Some periods of time are generally better or worse for product launches; for example, launching something that makes the perfect Christmas gift in the spring would not be wise. Your specific niche will also determine the best and worst time to launch, so make sure you’re acutely aware of what’s happening in your market. If last minute problems occur, you might need to prepare for cancelling your launch event entirely, and ideally your event planner should be able to deal with this for you.

You’ll also need to consider who is coming to your event, and why. The purpose of the actual event needs to be clear – even if the product makes perfect sense, all your guests may not understand why they are there unless you have a clear launch strategy. You will probably need to have different events for different purposes, such as a media event like a press conference for reporters and magazine editors, a separate trade event for pitching to your peers in the industry, and another for marketing the brand to consumers.

Event planners will also help you with one of the most important aspects of your product launch party: the venue. Choosing the right place is vital because it reflects your brand image and the purpose of your new product. It also tells people how much of an investment you’re putting into this new venture. Once you’ve considered all these factors, it will hopefully tie together and create a seamless experience that pleases your guests and promotes your brand effectively. If you invite the right people, provide them with an exciting and fun event at an appropriate place, and get across the message of your brand properly, you should be ready for a successful product launch.