Top Tips for Designing Exhibition Graphics for Events in UK

February 14, 2015Must Haves for an Event Standard

Using exhibition graphics for events is a great way to ensure that you put across your message in a more attractive and understandable way. Exhibition graphics have become very common in many events because they look good, attract attention and are also more engaging. You might have come across many exhibition graphics that did not impress you because of too many pictures and confusing messages. In order to avoid making similar mistakes, here are some of the points you need to consider when designing exhibition graphics for events in UK.




Consider who you are

One of your main goals should be to ensure that you can be found easily during the event. A great way to ensure that you attain this goal is not only to place your branding and logo in a prime position, but also to repeat it in many other locations throughout your design.

What do you do?

Now that your prospects have found your exhibition graphics, the other important thing is to ensure that they understand what you offer. To do this effectively, you need to have a short sentence or strapline near your logo. This will ensure that your visitors will be able to associate you with what you do or offer.

How you can assist them

After your prospects understand what you do or offer, now it is the right time to explain to them how your products or services will be of importance to them. Make sure that you are clear and concise when giving this explanation. Use bullet points to share your message, but don’t get carried away – stick to the essentials.


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Items to consider in your design

There are certain items you must consider when you are designing exhibition graphics for events in UK. Here are some of the items:


You should not use too many photos and at the same time make sure that they have a good resolution. Make sure that your photos show your products in action or help in relating the services you offer to a solution. As you start your design, put those factors into consideration. You can also decide to make use of an illustration instead of photos.


It is worth noting that the lighting you use with have an effect on your graphics. Make sure that you use lighting that is allowed to be used in your area because there are some lights that might be banned. Just like it does in your sitting room, lighting will help in setting the mood and tone for your exhibition graphics. So, it is good that you select the lighting to use in a wise manner in order to help in facilitating your overall goals.

Interactivity and technology

The most effective way to gain more attention is to ensure that you add motion and technology in your exhibition graphics. You can add some monitors, pictures, video to ensure that you attract more people during the event. It is by enhancing interactivity that you will get more prospects attracted to your graphics which will go a long way in helping you attain your goals during the event.