Should I give away promotional products at an event

Should I give away promotional products at an event?

June 13, 2016Must Haves for an Event Standard

When you think of free gifts with company branding printed on them, you might be tempted to dismiss the idea as tacky and cheap. An inconveniently small pen with your company’s name on probably isn’t going to win you any new customers, it’s true, but that isn’t the only option you have. There are lots of benefits to merchandising and raising awareness of your brand through free products, you just need to weigh it up before deciding.

Firstly, what’s the purpose of your marketing effort? If you’re going to use free gifts to remind people of your brand whenever they use them, you should probably find a way to hint at what action you want them to take. Depending on whether you want people to call your phone number, visit your website, contact you on social media or simply remember your name, this might affect the choice of products you go for, how you implement the branding and how you distribute them. If you have a particular message you want to convey, consider working on the precise wording until you’re happy enough to get it printed on hundreds or thousands of products.

Next you need to think about the costs involved with the plans you’ve outlined. If you can calculate your expected return on investment, it will be much easier to estimate how much to spend on printing promotional items. A small number of personalised, more expensive items might actually be much more effective than a huge number of cheap, impersonal gifts, even though they cost the same in total. Finding a cheap supplier that comes highly recommended will also help you keep costs down, and many manufacturers will offer good discounts if you’re comfortable ordering in bulk.

Finally, the method you’ll use to distribute your items is important to have in mind. If you go for the cheapest possible products you can afford to give a few away to people who aren’t interested in your company, but if you choose more premium items it’s definitely worth defining a targeted audience to give them away to, with a higher chance that they will become customers. Make sure you do your research to decide how best to reach this high value audience. If you’re unable to determine who the best recipients are from your mailing lists or customer history, save your promotional items to give away to people you meet in person so you have a chance to decide whoits worth giving gifts to.