Promotional Screen Printed T-shirts for Events

September 10, 2016Must Haves for an Event Standard

Sometimes it gets called into question whether promotional items are really still relevant for companies or organisations in general looking to promote themselves. With digital media taking up so much of any modern marketer’s time, is there really any value left in physically producing promotional materials, including event printed t-shirts and other items for events?

Well, we would strongly argue a case in favour of this strategy! In fact, the very fact that so many people are entirely focused on getting attention online and generating virtual publicity in extremely competitive markets is an indication that opportunities are being missed when it comes to traditional networking. Events are the classic time and place to meet valuable new business contacts and raise awareness about your brand, whether you’re a small or large business or even a charity.

Printed merchandise, especially promotional screen printed t-shirts at events or charities, can be a huge asset to your brand and they’re not something to miss out on. You can incorporate them in a number of ways – maybe to keep it simple, you could think about just having all your employees and representatives wearing the same screen printed clothing at the event, whether that’s a t-shirt, hoodie or something else with your brand colours and a distinct design. This will reinforce your chosen brand image every time anyone sees or interacts with a human face of your company.

Taking it a step further might be cost effective too, as bulk screen printed t-shirts will stretch your budget further. Costs are lower for printers, so it will be cheaper per unit if you can think of a reason to print more of your items! If you give out your shirts at the event, either for free or (if you’ve done a good enough job on the design) selling them, you’re getting a lot more exposure for your brand today and in the future.

An even better idea is to incorporate that digital side we were talking about earlier – get everyone wearing one of your personalised shirts to post images on social media and interact with you on there, in exchange for recognition or maybe even a prize. This is always a fun way to multiply your exposure fast and make the most of your investment.