How To Get More Organised

February 21, 2017Event Planning Tips Standard

Whether you’re planning large events or simply planning your daily life, there are many benefits to getting more organised. You can achieve more, build better relationships, get less stressed and feel more positive. You just need to take simple steps to gradually get a hold on your life and improve your organisational skills.

Choose your favourite way to keep lists

It’s great top create checklists for anything you need to plan, so everything isn’t stored in your short term memory. Even if you’re good at remembering what you need to do, this can cause unnecessary stress. Sometimes a pen and paper works best, but there are many alternatives. You might use a noticeboard with pinned notes, a whiteboard where you can rub out completed items, or a specially designed mobile app.

Use your phone calendar better

Speaking of mobile devices, your smartphone will have a calendar built in (often more than one, and you can always download alternatives). Most of us don’t bother to use these, but they can be a powerful tool to help you keep a record of your appointments and get automatic reminders.

Include personal time in your calendar

Don’t use your calendar exclusively for work events, because then you’ll still have to remember everything else and it won’t be accurate enough to help you. An organised person’s schedule will include everything they need to do, including professional and personal appointments, so that it can show you what your day actually looks like.

Never get locked out

This may be a slightly random point, but a lot of us know the feeling of suddenly being at a loss when you realise you don’t have the key you need. If you get locked out of your office or even your home when you need to get things done, you can quickly get behind and waste a lot of time. Ensure you carry an emergency spare key or keep it somewhere safe to prevent this happening.

Switch to cloud storage

One step up from filing everything on paper (the old-fashioned way) is to save documents on your computer or phone, but the next stage is to use cloud storage for as much as possible. This means as long as you can access the internet, you have your files to hand. As long as you use a secure system, this can really help you stay organised.

Pin articles to read later

If you stumble upon an interesting article online, it might typically go one of two ways: either you cut into your work time now by reading it, or keep it open in the background until it eventually gets closed accidentally and you forget all about it. However, there are dedicated apps which let you easily pin articles and read them at your convenience later, which we highly recommend.

Catch up on sleep

Getting enough sleep is essential if you want to make the initial effort to get on top of your schedule, and stick to it in the future. If you barely get a few hours of sleep each night, you’re highly unlikely to be functioning properly during the day and you will find it much harder to get everything done. Gaining time by sleeping less is actually an illusion, because you spend so many of your waking hours being less productive.