Choosing Your Event Venue

Choosing Your Event Venue

August 14, 2016Event Planning Tips Standard

When you want to host an event there are a few common conundrums, whether it’s a corporate event, a product launch, a press conference, a party, a wedding or anything else. One of the most crucial of these is of course the venue. If you’re inviting people, no matter how many, choosing a venue that’s appropriate on every level for your event will ensure it is a true success. You will probably need to book your first choice venue months in advance to ensure you can go ahead with the next stage of planning, so it’s important to decide early in the process what you want based on the following factors.

1) Cost

The costs involved with hiring an event venue will vary dramatically, but you should have some idea of the total budget you have to work with. Although the venue will take up a significant proportion of this, you need to ensure you have enough money left for food, drink, staging, entertainment and so on. Even once you select a venue, you may be able to negotiate the cost especially if you can move your event to a cheaper time. Also it is very important to find wholesale catering supplies that will offer best prices for you. No doubt catering is one of the biggest expenses. 

2) Facilities

Your event is likely to be complex and some venues will have the capacity to help you deal with all the practicalities on the day, while some may not. If you’re offering catering to your guests, a good kitchen at your venue will be very important. When a venue is comfortable with catering to large numbers of people and has plenty of experience doing so, it tends to result in lower costs per head and a lower risk of problems arising. Also consider the furniture, equipment and staff available at the venue so you know what you need to hire separately, whether it’s a sound system, cleaning staff or even tables and chairs.

3) Location

Depending on the type of event you’re hosting, you might be able to get away with a better venue that requires some travelling, or alternatively a nearby venue may be more appropriate. Consider the needs of your guests and how easy it’s going to be for people to attend and enjoy your event when considering where to look for a venue.

4) Accommodation

This is linked to deciding your location, but if you really want to host a fabulous event and you’ve picked out the perfect remote location, you really need to ensure there is suitable accommodation available for guests to stay the night. This is normally most suitable if you’re having a wedding reception or a similar celebration, because it’s likely to go on for a long time and people are probably travelling from a long way away to be there. The standard of the accommodation offered should really be on a level with the kind of event you’re hosting, so if it’s a luxury party your guest may be expecting an excellent hotel.